Fortuna is a largely forested territory to the west of Berranoth and south of Zone 66, mostly inhabited by native elves and goblins, and a good number of outcasts from human society.

These ‘outcasts’ have set up a sort of ‘pirate society’, where two dozen or so pirates will live on a ship and attack any berranothian vessels that stray off of course, as well as raids on border settlements in Zone 66 and Berranoth.

Arlit Fortuna, the ‘pirate king’, recently brokered a deal with Oteron Avillar to become the Overlord of Fortuna, effectively surrendering the territory to the Protectorate and installing his power over it. Various other pirate groups have not taken kindly to this action and a bounty of a half-million Rai have been placed on Overlord Fortuna’s head.

After Fortuna’s capitulation, the forces of the Protectorate moved in. A small outpost near the town of Whychich was attacked by members of the resistance group Underworld Sixty Six and occupied by them.


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