Gormano is a wealthy city northeast of Berranoth. The city is led by DiRenzo Galvanes, High Priest of Sinopec and Overlord of Gormano. Gormano was one of the first territories attacked by Oteron’s army. DiRenzo Galvanes, then-ruler of Gormano under the title of Merchant Prince, swore fealty to True Lord Avillar, who bloodlessly conquered the city-state, conferring the Berranothian title Overlord onto DiRenzo.

An area made wealthy as a sort of bazaar of wonders, Gormano is a trade hub for many other territories. Much gold finds its way to the city, and even the lower class citizenry of Gormano is much better-off than people living in other territories. The church of Sinopec (and it’s portfolio of mercantilism and greed) holds much sway over the over the public. Many priests and priestesses of Sinopec hold public office in Gormano.

Rooks-Sa is a Shadow Dragon who holds much sway over Gormanoan politics.

Gormano has seen a large concentration of the Berranothian military, as it is using the place as as staging point for its campaign against the Starcrest mountain range.


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