Oteron Avillar

Oteron Avillar is the True Lord of the Protectorate of Berranoth. Born to noble parents, the Duke and Duchess of Berranoth, they allowed Oteron to study anything during his upbringing. Oteron took to swordplay exceptionally well, and his parents ended up hiring Phineas Corvax to tutor him in the ways of the blade.

Oteron selected the one of the largest possible swords to use, Phineas training him in the way of the greatsword. Unbeknown to the Duke and Duchess, Phineas Corvax had a dark secret: he was an adherent of the philosophy of the Will to Power, and imparted these teachings upon Oteron while continuing his training.

Oteron’s training proceeded very quickly – Oteron was a strong, intelligent youth. Once Phineas declared him ready to walk the Will to Power, he set before Oteron the final test: kill three people close to him, only to temper his will to power. One stormy night in the Duchy of Berranoth, young Oteron Avillar assaulted his ancestral home: Arrowhead Castle. The house guard that laughed at his youthful follies stood horrified and hopeless before his focused skills: he cleft troop after troop, casually swatting blows aside before killing one after another. After fighting his way past the house guard, Oteron Avillar murdered his parents without a word.

Returning to the villa where Phineas’ training occurred, Phineas looked upon the blood-soaked Oteron and asked of who his murders where. Oteron replied that he killed his parents. Phineas asked of his third, and Oteron drew his blade.

The struggle between Oteron Avillar and Phineas Corvax was fought on two levels: Oteron’s greatsword versus Phineas’ twin bastard swords; but also Oteron’s will to power versus Phineas’s. The clash was furious, each combatant bloodied and battered. At some point, Phineas felt something break. He was overwhelmed, no longer concerned with his power over Oteron Avillar; his Will to Power had shriveled into merely a will to live. Phineas Corvax’s death soon followed.

Oteron took up his parent’s manner of leadership. But whereas the Duchy of Berranoth was a benign, benevolent dictatorship, Oteron’s regime – the “Protectorate of Berranoth” – was an aggressively expansionist power – stabbing north, south and west, rebuffed only in the east. Other domains, duchies and baronies, were absorbed into the Protectorate. Troops were conscripted from each conquered territory.

Oteron Avillar personally led his armies into battle. The True Lord was considered fearless and fearsome, his blood-saturated figure stabbing enemy morale in the heart.

Roughly a year into Oteron’s rule, the Protectorate had tripled in size, conquering Gormano to the north, Tolnoc to the south, annexed Zone 66 (a lawless pocket northwest of Barranoth that the Duke was never able to tame), as well as Fortuna, a largely unsettled expanse to the east.

Oteron Avillar is odd in that he leads and conquers not for driving his enemies before him or hearing the lamentations of their women, but merely to exert his Will To Power over them. Oteron Avillar’s true goal is to have the entire world at his whim.

As a result of his strong Will To Power, Oteron Avillar is dour and quiet, and merely tolerates his friends and allies. These “friends and allies” are often just hangers-on, toadies happy to submit to rule the world not under Oteron’s immediate attentions.

Oteron Avillar

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