Protectorate of Berranoth

The Protectorate of Berranoth is the successor to the Duchy of Berranoth after Oteron Avillar’s patricidal coup. The Protectorate consists of what was geograpically the old Duchy of Berranoth, Zone 66 to the northwest, Tolnoc to the south, Gormano to the North, and Fortuna to the west.

The Protectorate’s forces are split into four branches: the Berranothian Militia, the Berranothian Regulars, the Berranothian Gear Legion, and the Berranothian Aerial Navy.

The Militia are compulsory-service citizen-soldiers, who spend three months a year in uniform.

The Regulars are professional soldiers, and are well-paid, well-trained, and well-equipped. The Regulars are the world’s first mechanized infantry – Shar Thizdic of Zone 66 has taken great pains to mass manufacture steamtech troop transports and steam-chariots. Shar Thizdic and his gearwrights have instructed a small corps of coglayers to tend to and maintain these mecha as well as provide covering fire with steamguns and alchemical flamethrowers. The Berranothian Regulars are divided into regiments of 125 men (of 5 platoons of 5 squads of 5 men), which are then assigned to larger divisions called “toumans”. A touman has no fixed number of regiments, as they are assigned by strategic need. For example, the Starcrest Touman (Starcrest is currently the focus of Berranoth’s military expansion) has eleven regiments assigned to it, whereas the Fortuna Touman only has three.

The Berranothian Gear Legion are a dedicated pool of mecha pilots. More professional and detached than the Regulars, the Legion serves as shock troops and heavy ground-pounder forces. The trademark of the Gear Legion is the Barbagula series of mecha, a machine designed for devastating charges.

The Berranothian Aerial Navy runs a dozen airships in support of Regulars, as well as providing mobility for the Gear Legion. Battleship Treragon is the largest airship yet built by humanity.

Protectorate of Berranoth

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